Interior design for the trade and service company "Reis 44"

The project of the reception area and customer waiting area for the "REIS 44" car center in the city of Kostroma.
An excellent combination of modern style with a highly qualified auto center.

We took the graphics and transferred it to the interior, observing all the requirements of the brand's graphic design.
Used corporate colors (black, yellow and white).

The reception desk itself was supplemented with wood panels, which fit perfectly into the interior.

We have formed the waiting area so that a person can freely choose a place where he can spend time while his car is being serviced. This can be a sofa and watching TV over a cup of coffee or reading a book at a wooden counter. By the way, this rack also has sockets, which means you can charge your gadgets. This will help you not to miss an important call or message while you wait.






50 m2


Year of the project