Modern townhouse

I want to return home, I don't want to leave

The private house project began with the architectural design of the townhouse itself. Subsequently, we proceeded to the interior of the premises.

What should the house be like?

Our opinion: the house should be such that you do not want to leave it, and would like to return to it.


A young family who has chosen this type of housing takes their life and their comfort very seriously and responsibly. The task was simple - to create a comfortable and modern townhouse interior that meets all the needs of customers, including young ones.

But, any "simple project" is a huge work done, with the involvement of specialists in all areas: from subcontractors to a decorator. This is the study of the entire interior and each room in particular. This is an opportunity to see everything that you want.

A huge amount of work has been done on the planning solutions for the premises. As a result, having come to a general consensus, we have designed a competent, functional, clean interior.

We used both paint and wallpaper throughout the project; decorative wood and engineering board. Coverings of different textures go well with each other.








84 m2


Year of the project