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The project in the residential complex "Zolotaya Zvezda" began with a global redevelopment.

The customers (a young family with a child) decided to make a full-fledged nursery instead of the kitchen. It was decided to move the kitchen to the hallway, or rather to borrow a place from the hallway. Difficulties arose only with the sewerage system. The riser is more than 5 meters away, so a sewer pump was provided in the kitchen. This is a special compressor that helps "push" waste through the sewer.

For more efficient use, a grinder was installed in the sink.

Another important technical element throughout the apartment is the air conditioning system. The engine itself is located on the loggia, in one of the storage systems. Air intake is from the street.

The apartment is located high on the 20th floor. This is a constant wind and it is not always convenient to open windows. At the same time, I want to breathe fresh, clean air.

The ventilation duct runs through the entire apartment. This allows you to heat, ventilate and remove exhaust air in all rooms using only one air conditioning unit.

The entrance hall itself was small. A wardrobe - compartment for seasonal storage of things, a high floor-to-ceiling mirror and a pouf at the entrance. The walls are decorated with slats illuminated by LED strip.

The doors to all rooms are hidden, the canvases are painted in the color of the walls. The walls themselves are painted in several colors, and there are several types of decor throughout the project. This paint, and wood, and soft coatings, and Italian marble. In all rooms, except for the bathroom and toilet, there is a light-colored engineering board on the floor.

The bedroom is made in dark shades, using a variety of light. The walls are decorated with Italian marble, painted in a dark graphite color. There are also soft wall panels in the bed area. Large mirrors are used to visually enlarge the space of the room. The dressing room is light, divided into two parts - male and female. A storage system and a workplace are organized on the loggia.

The children's room is quite calm, with an accent dark wall - stars and a graphite wall for drawing. Large storage system for toys and school supplies.

There is also a wardrobe for storing all the child's belongings.

The bathroom is realized with matte gray tiles and woodgrain tiles in a natural color. There is LED lighting along the perimeter of the ceiling. The customer asked to fit both the bathroom itself and the shower stall into the bathroom. We took a shower room with a corner, which will allow us to calmly, without touching other objects, enter the shower area. The entire revision is hidden behind the wall in the bathroom, with the help of a hatch, and there is also a sewage system from the kitchen, which runs along a technical channel along the ceiling.






67 m2


Year of the project


План расположения мебели ЖК золотая Звез