Style and simplicity for a young family

One-bedroom apartment in a modern style with elements of the Scandinavian style is located in the residential complex "Capital" in the city of St. Petersburg.

A young family of two lives in the apartment. Apartment with a semicircular wall in the living room. Initially, the developer made the kitchen - living room a single whole, but the customers wanted to separate these zones. Therefore, we laid an opening in the wall between the kitchen and the living room. We also split the opening between the hallway and the kitchen in order to visually enlarge the space and let in more light into the hallway.

In this project, we did not attach a loggia to the kitchen. The space of the hallway, as well as the living room, has a non-standard shape, asymmetric, we put a storage system up to the ceiling in the corner. In the living room, along the wall with a door, we also made a storage system up to the ceiling, bypassing the door from above with a mezzanine. Such storage systems made it possible to maximize the use of the space of a non-standard apartment.

The bedroom is made in luscious green warm colors; it also accommodates a workplace opposite the window and a storage system.

It was decided to make the bathroom more Scandinavian. Therefore, we took the "hog" tile, which has already become classic for this style, and combined it all with wood-like tiles in a warm shade.



St. Petersburg



67 m2


Year of the project