LIFE-Botanical Garden

Family is the most important

Tworoom apartment in a beautiful residential complex "LIFE - Botanical Garden" in Moscow.

The main task was to make a functional, modern and stylish apartment for a young family of three people and one cat)

Customers competently and responsibly approached the project, having formed clear boundaries of the budget and their desires. Exhaustively answered all the questions in the technical assignment that we sent them. Send us visual examples of what they want with clear explanation. And most importantly, they completely trusted us! All this minimized changes in the project and reduced the time for its development.

The interior concept is a light space with bright accents. Function and maximum use of space for a comfortable life. Take into account the hobbies and wishes of customers, form an adequate and detailed price list for the entire interior (from plaster to wine cabinet), use light to the maximum, without shading the space.

We used several types of materials: high quality paint, porcelain stoneware, decorative plaster and more.

Almost all positions in the interior are custom-made, this will give the maximum functionality and fit specifically for this project and specific people living in it.

The harmonious combination and observance of all ideas, requirements, norms and creativity gives rise to truly excellent, sincere and amazing projects! This project is a vivid evidence of when "your customer" meets with "your designer"






70 m2


Year of the project


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