Interior in the highest skyscraper in Europe

Design project of the office of a consulting firm in Moscow. The office is located on the 57th floor of the Federation Tower "East".

Modern interiors have long been a must-have for cutting-edge office buildings. But not everyone agrees to work in the same premises (repair from the developer). Therefore, in order to emphasize their individuality, firms are increasingly resorting to the services of interior designers.

We have implemented a project that meets all modern design trends. When visiting this office, customers not only receive the service they need, but also spend time comfortably communicating in the meeting room or, directly, in the director's office.

In addition, the main open space of the premises was designed taking into account the specific ergonomics and comfortable work of the firm's lawyers. For them, and floor sockets, and LED lighting, and furniture, taking into account ergonomics. There is also modern air conditioning and floor radiators for better room temperature control.

The office of the director himself is rather laconic. It contains a comfortable sofa and a T-shaped table for receiving visitors. The view from this room is a separate article of Moscow City pride. But for comfort, sometimes you need to close panoramic windows - for example, the bright sun. For this we have provided modern blackout roller blinds.

The entire office has a free layout. But the specific designs have not gone anywhere. Three columns demanded an interesting, non-standard, but at the same time, acceptable financial solution. We took a metal mesh and turned the columns into art objects, backlit with light.

All communications were installed on the ceiling. Therefore, it was decided to "drown them" in graphite color.

The walls are painted. At the entrance there are wooden panels on which, later, the company logo will appear.

The meeting room is solved quite succinctly - on one of the walls there are painted modern gypsum panels, the other walls are painted. We also provided an opportunity to discuss tasks with our team - a board for notes and for fixing information.

The flooring throughout the office is Burmatex infinity carpet tiles.

The light is made in the form of LED linear lamps and LED backlights.

In such an office it will be comfortable for both employees and the director to work. And if the office is the second home (especially in Moscow), then we have solved our problem by 200%.






126 m2


Year of the project


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