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International beauty company office

   The headquarters of the SLAVIC HAIR beauty office is located in Kostroma.

   We helped to reflect the whole philosophy of this brand in the interior: minimalism, with accent bright details, juicy green plants and airiness.

   The development was carried out over all the interiors of the building, starting with planning solutions and ending with the estimate documentation.

   The largest space was occupied by two openspace spaces on the first and second floors. The decision was immediately made - no walls. If walls are needed, they should be lightweight, mobile and not up to the ceiling. In addition to ergonomics and comfortable accommodation for employees, great attention was paid to interior details. Black frames of fences; wooden slats illuminated by LED strip; flowers of a certain color; the texture of the walls.

   On the ground floor, we are greeted by a light-colored reception desk with LED lighting, which dissolves into space.

Stylish salon for workshops and work. We took a polished marble texture, added a light vanilla backing of American paint, and spiced it up with a painted brick texture.

   On the second floor there is a client area, in addition, there is the director's office.

   The cabinet itself is formed by a glass structure, which eliminates the bulkiness, as if the walls were made of dense material. We have provided for the closing of glasses during business meetings. Blackout curtains will help turn a transparent cabinet into a blank bunker.

   Another highlight of the project is the ceiling of the second floor. Its height is almost six meters. We did not cover such beauty. The metal structures were painted black, and between the beams they made wooden sheathing, laying out the planks "herringbone". The boards themselves are snow-white.






300 m2


Year of the project