Residential interior design
Interior design of apartments

We create individual, comfortable apartment interiors. The main attention is paid to the development of planning solutions and zoning - this is the basis of a comfortable space. Each project is individual, so we get to know the client personally, learn habits, hobbies, plans for life - thanks to this, we manage to create an exclusive, comfortable living space.

Constant study of trends in the field of interior design, understanding of modern technologies and a sense of style - allows you to create memorable, bright interiors of various styles.

Home interior design

The interior design of a country house is an individual style of your home. Organization of space taking into account the characteristics of your personal desires, everyday life and leisure. All this we will be reflected in your home project.

We will not only make a design project, but also provide a package of drawings, according to which repair and finishing work will be carried out and filling your home with furniture, appliances, decorative elements.

Public space interior design
Office interior design

The office workspace is the key to the company's success. A properly organized, functional and, in moderation, comfortable workplace contributes to an increase in human performance.

It's nice to work where you have "everything in its place" and "everything is at hand."

We will be able to organize the space, taking into account all the needs of employees.

Interior design of restaurant, cafe, bar

The first thing the visitor pays attention to is the interior of the room.

And the more individual and original it is, the more interesting and pleasant it is for a person to be inside.

A bright, memorable and cozy place is the key to a successful establishment.

We will make your restaurant or cafe the best.

Modeling and visualization
Modeling and visualization

Drawings and diagrams are good and understandable to a narrow circle of people. A realistic image of an object is clear to everyone, without exception.

We will help you create any object for you, show its components, and also fit into "real life" (interior or exterior)

Architectural visualization
Interior and exterior visualization

Professional visualization of interiors and exteriors, aimed at the most accurate transfer of the authors' ideas.

We know how to visualize a project, showing all its advantages in an advantageous way.

* Prices and terms depend on the specific task. For an accurate determination of the cost and terms, please contact us.