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"EMILINK" office
Telecom provider office interior

   The group of companies "EMILINK" turned to us for help in organizing office space for negotiations and recreation.

   The open space of 200 m2 was divided into several functional areas: a brand area at the entrance, a kitchenette, a lounge area, a meeting room and an exhibition area.

   The object is located in the industrial area, with all the ensuing architectural features. It was decided to leave the rough walls and massive concrete columns with the same texture. Ceiling slabs and trusses also remain in their original form, only with color schemes. The maximum preservation of open engineering communications and the roughness of the interior is the main task.

   We organized a small hidden kitchen, if desired, it can be closed with doors. The doors of the same plan go to a small built-in wardrobe at the entrance.

   We cut through a large window in the outer wall (3*2.5 m) and placed a lounge area next to it for informal communication.

   A large negotiating table for 25 people is installed along the premises. We illuminated the structures with LED strip. This emphasized the massiveness and originality of the room. His spirit and direction. The use of a strong color contrast (graphite and white) and an accent corporate color (green) gave the premises an austerity.






60 m2


Year of the project